Preston Ely

Preston Ely is a young and energetic real estate wholesaler from Florida with strategies for profiting from real estate with little to no risk and little to no cash out of your pocket. His education company Real Freedom Inc. provides a variety of courses that shows you how to find and wholesale houses quickly even in this suffering economy and housing market.

About Preston Ely's Courses
His main product is Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom E-book. This E-book also goes by the name of Learn To Wholesale. It's a short and to the point E-book that shows you a glimpse of Preston's world and what it looks like to be a real estate wholesaling powerhouse.

The E-book outlines the real estate wholesaling process and he provides you with a step by step plan that will empower you to wholesale your first house within 30 days or your money back.

His newest course Probates By Preston took the real estate investing industry by storm. There's a lot of buzz about the course because probates are a very profitable yet often overlooked way to find motivated sellers.

The probate course shows you how to buy houses out of probate. They are far less competitive than foreclosures and are profitable because the heirs of the estate are now in possession of a house that's free and clear.

Why You Should Listen To Preston Ely
He's an authentic person, he speaks from the heart, his strategies are real and he has proof to back up his claims along with a ton of customer success stories.

His energy and excitement comes through with everything he does and with everything he teaches. His energy is contagious and that's a great thing for a new investor or an investor who needs a pick me up!


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